Sub-communities within this community

  • Dr. Bobbie Bailey School of Music (BSOM)

    Audio recordings of concerts presented by the Kennesaw State University School of Music.
  • KSU Administrators Council

    Records created by the Administrators Council.
  • KSU and COVID-19

    Materials relating to KSU and the experiences of the KSU community during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • KSU Archives and Special Collections Oral History Project

    Oral histories conducted by staff of the Kennesaw State University Archives and Special Collections to document the history of underrepresented communities in north and northwest Georgia.
  • KSU Athletics

    This sub-community contains records created by and related to the Kennesaw State University Department of Athletics.
  • KSU Handbooks

    Collection of Handbooks for members of the KSU Community.
  • KSU History

    This sub-community contains various digitized and born-digital materials documenting the history of Kennesaw State University.
  • KSU Museums, Archives & Rare Books

    Records pertaining to the activities of the department of Museums, Archives, Rare Books and Records and Information Management.
  • KSU Oral History Project

    Oral histories conducted and/or supervised by Dr. Thomas Scott, Professor Emeritus of History, on the development of Kennesaw State University and the local community.
  • KSU Student Life

    Student life at KSU.
  • Looking Fly Archive

    Images of t-shirts and other school spirit clothing representing both KSU and SPSU.

Collections in this community

  • Atlanta Student Movement Project

    Oral history interviews with members of the Atlanta Student Movement that took place in the 1960s.
  • Bailey Performance Center 10th Anniversary, 2017

    Oral histories, photographs, and other materials pertaining to the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Dr. Bobbie Bailey & Family Performance Center.
  • KSU Foundation Records

    The Kennesaw Junior College Foundation (now the Kennesaw State University Foundation) was formally incorporated in 1969 with a 23-member board of trustees, and held its first organizational meeting in April 17, 1969, with ...
  • KSU Lifestyle, 2016-

    KSU Lifestyle is a monthly publication by Kennesaw State University Student Media that engages in conversations to build student engagement as part of the university community. The title replaces both Talon Magazine and The Sting.
  • KSU News Releases, 2000-

    Past KSU News Releases dating back to 2000
  • KSU Yearbook Collection, 1967-1995

    Digital versions of KSU yearbooks, 1967-1995.
  • KSU/SPSU Consolidation History

    The KSU/SPSU History Collection is a growing collection of digital materials that document the history of Kennesaw State University from 1963 to the present, including the 2015 consolidation with the former Southern ...
  • Share, 1971-

    Share is a literary and art magazine produced by students as part of Kennesaw State Student Media. It features works by students, staff, and faculty.
  • Stella Merritt Collection, 1970

    Materials surrounding a photograph of KJC sophomore Stella Merritt sitting on campus which was picked up by the Associated Press and published in various newspapers in May of 1970.

Recent Submissions

  • Mel Price Interview, December 6, 2023 

    Langer, Adina
    Interview of Mel Price, a World War II veteran who served as a Radio Operator and assigned to a B-29 Crew.
  • Michael "Doc" Rhett 

    Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- )
    Oral History with Georgia State Senator Michael "Doc" Rhett
  • Hilbert Margol Interview, September 11, 2023 

    Langer, Adina
    The eldest of twin boys born on February 22, 1924, Hilbert Margol enrolled in ROTC at the University of Florida. His time in college was interupted when his Army Reserve Unit was called to active duty in April 1943.
  • Lisa Cupid 

    Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- )
    Oral history of Lisa Cupid, the Chairwoman of Cobb County's Board of Commisioners.
  • Interview with Donnie Perry 

    Bell, Matt; Mez, Eric
    Donnie Perry joined the Cobb County Branch of the NAACP between 1986 and 1987. Perry was on the Board of Directors and acted as Legal Advisor before serving as branch President from 1994 to 1997.
  • Interview with Deane Thompson Bonner 

    Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- )
    Deane Bonner has served as the President of the Cobb County Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) since 1997. She has also held numerous leadership positions within the branch.
  • Jerry Orzechowski Interview, August 31, 2023 

    Langer, Adina
    Oral history interview of Jerry Orzechowski, whose family was on the run from nazis and were sent to Dachau in 1944. Following there eventual immigration to the U.S., Jerry enlisted in the U.S. Navy after graduating high ...
  • Kennesaw State University, Undergraduate Catalog, 2023-2024 

    Kennesaw State University, Office of the Registrar (2023)
  • Kennesaw State University, Graduate Catalog, 2023-2024 

    Kennesaw State University, Office of the Registrar (2023)
  • Rabbi Steven J. Lebow 

    Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- )
    Oral history of Rabbi Steven J. Lebow first full-time spiritual leader of Temple Kol Emeth.
  • Claude Edwin Chandler Photographs and Family Tree 

    Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ); Chandler, Claude
    A family tree and photographs relating to Claude Edwin Chandler's life in Clarke and Cherokee County.
  • Jane Cleveland Mantel 

    Thomas, Helen
    Oral History with Jane Cleveland Mantel, a member of the Lorelei Ladies softball team in the 1950's.
  • Charles Lamar Crawley Jr. Interview, April 19, 2023 

    Langer, Adina
    Oral history interview of Charles Lamar Crawley Jr. who served with the Navy in California as an air traffic controller during World War II and then as a Reserve officer in the Philippines during the Korean War.
  • Montage 1977 

    Todd, Susan
    1977 yearbook for Kennesaw Junior College
  • Montage 1978 

    Brown, Angie
    1978 yearbook for Kennesaw College
  • Montage 1976 

    Todd, Susan
    1976 yearbook for Kennesaw Junior College
  • Montage 1974 

    Johnson, Cindy
    1974 yearbook for Kennesaw Junior College
  • Montage 1975 

    Shurling, Judy
    1975 yearbook for Kennesaw Junior College
  • Montage 1973 

    Rigsby, Cynthia; Wheeler, Bill
    1973 yearbook for Kennesaw Junior College
  • Montage 1972 

    Unknown author
    1972 yearbook for Kennesaw Junior College

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