The Kennesaw State University Department of Athletics was established at Kennesaw College in 1982. Although athletic programming was not a major priority at Kennesaw during the presidency of Dr. Horace W. Sturgis, his successor--President Betty L. Siegel--felt that supporting intercollegiate athletics would provide a sense of unity and school spirit among students and alumni. Siegel named Mr. James Davis (Spec) Landrum as the school's first athletic director. Kennesaw's first year of involvement in intercollegiate athletics included nine sports teams (women's basketball, men's soccer, men's golf, men's and women's cross country, track and field, and tennis). One year later, Kennesaw joined the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). By 1992, Kennesaw's athletic program had grown large enough to make the transition to NCAA Division II sports, and in 2009, the university made the transition to NCAA Division I. Currently, Kennesaw State University is a member of the Atlantic Sun Conference and supports sixteen total sports teams for men and women including basketball, baseball, cross country, track and field, volleyball, golf, soccer, football, softball, lacrosse, and tennis.

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