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    • Interview with Harvey E. Durham and Bessie H. Durham 

      Scott, Thomas, Allan (1943 -) (Kennesaw State University Archives, 1987-05-20)
      Oral history interview with Harvey E. Durham and Bessie H. Durham. The Durhams were Acworth natives and successful farmers.
    • Interview with Jerica Richardson 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2022-02-25)
      Oral history of Jerica Richardson, Cobb County's District Two Commisioner. Richardson discusses growing up, moving to Atlanta on the heels of Hurrican Katrina, and her nontraditional track to public office.
    • Interview with Martha and Mark Lemon 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2022-03-02)
      Oral history of Martha Lemon and Mark Lemon, Martha's son. This oral history mostly covered the history of the Lemon House and family in Acworth, Georgia.
    • Interview with Reverend Steven Mints 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2021-12-01)
      Oral history of Rev. Steve Mints. Rev. Mints discusses growing up in Marietta, his path into ministry and his ongoing work in the community and in government.
    • Interviews with Members of Zion Baptist Church 

      Adams, Ercelene; Andrews, Rosalie L.; Hudson, William H.; Johnson, Robert L.; Slade, Ernestine J.; Solomon, Annie Mae; Stovall, Elsie; Wilson, Hattie G.; Woods, Marion J.; Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (Kennesaw State University Archives, 1986-04-29)
      A collection of oral history interviews with long-time members of Zion Baptist Church in Marietta, GA.