Dr. Horace Sturgis (1912 – 1990) was born in 1912 in Pennsylvania. In 1935, he received a bachelor of science degree in chemistry with a minor in mathematics from Piedmont College in Demorest, Georgia. Sturgis taught high school math and science while completing his master’s degree from the University of Georgia. With help from Lawrence V. Johnson, a physics professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Sturgis found himself teaching at Georgia Tech during WWII years. Sturgis briefly left Georgia Tech and joined the U.S. Navy to assist with the war effort. He then returned to Georgia Tech after the war. Sturgis used his G.I Bill to complete a PhD in higher education at New York University and graduated in 1958. Sturgis was appointed as the president of the newly approved Kennesaw Junior College in July 1965. At that time, the college lacked buildings, faculty, staff, and students. By the time Kennesaw Junior College opened in 1966, Sturgis was in charge of thirty-seven faculty members and a student body of 1,014. Under President Sturgis, Kennesaw Junior College achieved many milestones, the establishment of the Kennesaw Junior College Foundation, an increase in campus diversity, conversion to a four-year school, the creation of various bachelor’s degree programs, and a tripled student growth rate. The Horace Sturgis Library opened in 1980 on the campus of Kennesaw College. Dr. Horace Sturgis died in 1990 at the age of 77.

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