This collection contains various images and other records that document the history and growth of the KSU campus.

Recent Submissions

  • Carl Sanders speaks at the Kennesaw Junior College groundbreaking 

    McCollum, Herbert C. (Kennesaw State University Archives, 2018-08-16)
    Georgia Governor Carl Edward Sanders (right) and Cobb County Commissioner Herbert C. McCollum (left) at the groundbreaking ceremonies for Kennesaw Junior College, November 18, 1964.
  • "School is Called Marietta College" newspaper clipping 

    Marietta Daily Journal (Marietta Daily Journal, 2017-05-23)
    Newspaper clipping from the Marietta Daily Journal discussing the name of the new college in Cobb County and its upcoming construction.
  • Library, 1968 

    Kennesaw State University (2017-04-19)
    These two photos show the original library on the campus of Kennesaw Junior College. These photos were taken in October 1968.
  • Correspondence Regarding Proposed Student Activities Center 

    Kennesaw State University (2017-04-11)
    This 1970 letter is written by Mr. William Tapp, Jr. of William R. Tapp, Jr. Architect and Associates. Tapp addressed the letter to Mr. Roger Hopkins - Controller at Kennesaw Junior College. This letter discusses logistics ...
  • Ernest Barrett and Dr. Horace Sturgis observe site for Kennesaw Junior College 

    Kennesaw State University (2017-04-04)
    This newspaper article excerpt shows Dr. Horace Sturgis - the first president of Kennesaw Junior College, now Kennesaw State University - along with Ernest Barrett - Cobb County Commission Chairman - observing the construction ...
  • Kennesaw Junior College Sign 

    Kennesaw State University Archives and Special Collections (1965)
    Signage from 1965 that is marking the territory of the newly approved Kennesaw Junior College.
  • Dr. Horace Sturgis overlooking the construction of the library 

    Kennesaw State University Archives and Special Collections (1965)
    This photograph shows Dr. Horace Sturgis (the first president of Kennesaw State University) overlooking the construction of the library. This library is now named in his honor.