Mary Bobbie Bailey was born in Roanoke, Alabama, in 1928. She was a successful entrepreneur who founded what would become the largest remanufacturer of air-conditioning and refrigeration compressors, Our-Way, Inc., and also launched music labels and produced music-related events. She helped retrieve a World War II fighter plane buried deep in the glaciers of Greenland with the design of special equipment by her company, Our-Way, Inc., and raised funds to bring the 1996 Olympics to Atlanta. Bobbie Bailey was also known for her philanthropic accomplishments, such as being the largest benefactor of DeKalb Medical Foundation, and her vast support of Kennesaw State University. She died in Atlanta, Georgia in July 2015. The materials in the collection span from 1948 to 2016, and document her vast career and achievements, including materials from her company Our-Way, Inc., the Greenland Expedition Society, her music-related accomplishments, Kennesaw State University, the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, DeKalb Medical, UNICEF, and others.

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