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    • Award photographs 

      Gabriel, Joe B. (2017-05-18)
      These photos show awards given to Lockheed employees
    • B-29 Crash Photos 

      Gabriel, Joe B. (2017-05-22)
      Photos of the 1951 plane crash during the B-29 Bomber relocation project.
    • Group shots of Joe Gabriel and other Lockheed employees 

      Gabriel, Joe B. (2017-05-17)
      Photos of Joe Gabriel and other Lockheed employees circa 1952.
    • Interview with Harold S. Mintz 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (Kennesaw State University Archives, 2014-08-29)
    • Interview with Joe B. Gabriel 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2017-05-23)
      Oral history interview with Joe B. Gabriel conducted by Dr. Thomas A. Scott.
    • Interview with William G. Gisel 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ); Neeson, Hugh M. (Kennesaw State University Archives, 2014-08-29)
      William G. Gisel is a former President of the Bell Aircraft Corporation. Mr. Gisel speaks about his time at Bell Aircraft and what it took to start the plant in Marietta. Katherine Lee Gisel is also interviewed. Kartherine ...
    • Joanna Kimling Stubbs Interview 

      Langer, Adina (2018-11-19)
      Oral history interview with Joanna Kimling Stubbs whose father, Eugene Kimling, spent WWII in Germany.
    • Joe Sedita Photographs 

      Gabriel, Joe B. (2017-05-22)
      Photographs of Joe Sedita - one of the crew members present on the crashed B-29 Bomber plane.
    • The Lockheed Southern Star, 1952 

      Gabriel, Joe B. (Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, 2017-05-22)
      1952 issue of the Lockheed Southern Star - the official publication of the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation