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dc.contributorIllarionov, Boris F.
dc.contributorEniosov, V. 1960
dc.identifier.citationArchitectural rendering of buildings, circa 1960, Georgia Marble Company Records, 1910-2004, SC/G/006, Box 25, Kennesaw State University Archives.
dc.descriptionArchitectural rendering of buildings. Reverse reads: "from Boris Illarionov." Along with architect V. Eniosov, Boris F. Illarionov was chief, Architectural and Construction Group for the Embassy of the Soviet Union in Washington, D.C., circa 1960s.
dc.rightsThe digital reproductions on this site are provided for research consultation and scholarly purposes only. Copyright for Official University records is held by Kennesaw State University; all other copyright is retained by the authors of items as stipulated by United States copyright law. To request permission to publish, reproduce, publicly display, broadcast, or distribute this material in any format outside of fair use, please contact the Kennesaw State University Archives and/or the copyright holder.
dc.subjectGeorgia Marble Company.
dc.subjectArchitectural rendering.
dc.subjectEmbassy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the USA.
dc.subjectIllarionov, Boris F.
dc.subjectEniosov, V.
dc.titleArchitectural rendering of buildings

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  • Georgia Marble Company Records, circa 1910 - 2004
    This collection contains select business records, publications, and audiovisual material that have been digitized from the Georgia Marble Company Records. The full collection is housed at the Kennesaw State University Archives.

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