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    • A Profile of Excellence 

      The Georgia Marble Company (2022-04-27)
      Video detailing the history of Georgia marble as a material and its uses.
    • Audrey Morgan, Scott Candler Sr. Mr. Dekalb Award, 1995 

      Dekalb Chamber of Commerce (2022-03-17)
      1995 Schott Chandler Sr. Mr. Dekalb Award video
    • Bill Paden 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2022-03-11)
      Bill Paden, a retired Lockheed Martin engineer, discusses the restoration and history of a prototype C-141B. He details the reason the C-141As were converted to C-141Bs which essentially stetched the plane to increase ...
    • Bob Ormsby 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2022-03-11)
      Bob Ormsby, former Lockheed president, discuses the C5 aircraft development and the reduction of weight they needed to do for it, the creation of the Aircraft Museum, and the impact of the aircraft industry on the city of ...
    • CNN News Clip, Our Way 

      CNN (2022-03-14)
      CNN news segment about Bobbie Bailey
    • Copeland, "A Thank You from Ed Purvis" 

      Copeland (2022-03-14)
    • Deane Bonner 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2022-03-11)
      Deane Bonner, president emeritus of the Cobb County NAACP, discusses some of the early pioneers of the Cobb County NAACP.
    • Dr. Tim and Reed Brown 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2022-03-11)
      Reed and Dr. Tim Brown discuss the Marietta School System, their careers, Reed Brown with West Side School and Dr. Tim Brown as a teacher and then Assistant Principal of Marietta High School.
    • Felecca Wilson Taylor 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2022-03-11)
      Felecca Wilson Taylor talks about her mother, Hattie Wilson, and her one experience participating in a sit-in that occurred at McLellan's.
    • Fred D. Bentley, Sr 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2022-03-11)
      Fred D. Bentley, Sr. discusses why he started his law practice on Washington Avenue and about the history of the Bentley Firm building which is located in the original Cobb County Courthouse from the 1800s.
    • Jean Lindsay Galt and Jan Gault Russel 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2022-03-11)
      Jean Lindsay Galt and Jan Galt Russel discuss what remains of the original building after Theatre in the Square began using it and recall
    • Johnny Fulmer 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2022-03-11)
      Johnny Fulmer discusses how he started the Marietta Square Farmers Market and how it expanded over the years.
    • Leigh Colburn 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2022-03-11)
      Leigh Colburn discusses the impact of Marietta High School on the community and her transition from working in elementary schools to high school.
    • Louis and Josetta Walker 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2022-03-11)
      Louis and Josetta Walker talk about their experiences and work with the Marietta School System. Louis also talks briefly about attending Marietta High School in 1965.
    • Marble-Faced Precast Panels 

      Willard, Frank; Productions Atlanta (2022-04-27)
      Commercial product video on marble-faced precast concrete panels
    • Mayor Bill Dunaway 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2022-03-11)
      Mayor Bill Dunaway discusses the drug stores that were around Marietta and the integration of the luncheonettes that his father ran in the 60s.
    • Our Way 40th Anniversary Celebration 

      Our Way, Inc. (2022-03-14)
      Highlights of the company's 40th Anniversary Celebration.
    • Our Way, Inc., 'The remanufacturing company that thinks like an OEM' 

      Our Way, Inc. (2022-03-14)
      Informational video on Our Way, Inc., a compressor remanufacturing company.
    • Our Way, Inc., Capabilities 

      Our Way, Inc. (2022-03-14)
      Informational video on Our Way, Inc., a compressor remanufacturing company, catering to Copeland and Carrier.
    • Phillip M. Goldstein 

      Scott, Thomas Allan (1943- ) (2022-03-11)
      Philip M. Goldstein, retired Marietta City Council Member, discusses the history of his father's business and the buildings it had inhabited.