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    • Alcohol and Other Drug Policy, March 4, 2016 

      Kennesaw State University. Office of the President (Kennesaw State University Archives, 2016-03-04)
      The purpose of the Kennesaw State University (KSU or the University) Alcohol and Other Drug Policy (AOD) is to provide guidance to the campus community and ensure compliance with federal and state laws and the Board of ...
    • Sexual Misconduct Policy, July 1, 2016 

      Kennesaw State University. Office of Diversity and Inclusion (Kennesaw State University Archives, 2016-07-01)
      This policy prohibits specific forms of behavior that violate Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.
    • Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and Other Aircraft Policy, February 24, 2016 

      Kennesaw State University. Chief Business Officer (Kennesaw State University Archives, 2016-08-23)