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    • KSU Administrators Council Bylaws 

      Kennesaw State University. Administrators Council (Kennesaw State University Archives, 2015-12-17)
      The bylaws of the Kennesaw State University Administrators Council.
    • Play By Design: The World of Children's Books 

      Skinner, Julia; Livingston, Tamara; Oswald, Heather (Kennesaw State University, 2016-12-16)
      Administrative records pertaining to the development of the exhibit "Play by Design: The World of Children's Books," curated by Julia Skinner, Tamara Livingston and Heather Oswald and highlighting children's books from the ...
    • Statutes of Kennesaw Junior College 

      Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw State University, 2017-12-13)
      Statutes governing Kennesaw Junior College, published in 1973.